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We are offering the following electronic engineering services:

  • circuit design, analog and digital
  • PCB-layout
  • firmware (for PLDs and µCs in VHDL, C, Assembler)
  • High quality analog signal conditioning for all sensor-types, high-end instrumentation, filter circuits, low noise, low distortion, high-precision, low power, with minimum required space, mobile solutions
  • PCB-layout: EMC-optimized, impedance control, multi-layer, cost effective
  • Firmware: VHDL-Programming, for low power / low cost FPGA/CPLD (Xilinx, ...), C or Assembler for Microcontrollers
  • EMC experience (emissions / immunity (ESD, Burst, Surge)) in all of the above areas

It can be a short way from your specifications to start of production, including well documented design- and production data. For more information please call or e-mail us.

Der Weg von Ihrem Pflichtenheft bis zur serienreifen Baugruppe mit allen gut dokumentierten Entwicklungs – und Produktionsdaten kann sehr kurz sein – für weitere Informationen rufen Sie an oder schicken Sie uns eine E-Mail.


  • Altium Designer, Schematics & PCB layout software
  • Xilinx ISE, ModelSim Xilinx Edition
  • OpenSTM32, Atmel Studio for 32-bit ARM Cortex controllers
  • Codevision AVR for Atmel's AVRs
  • Adobe Acrobat for documentation in pdf
  • Tektronix TDS2014 Oscilloscope & High-End Audio Equipment (RME, Hafler)
  • experience with Protel, OrCAD Schematics and Layout, PSPICE Simulation